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Formula:   PbCrO4  

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Crystal:   Monoclinic  
Hardness:   2.5-3  
Spec. Gr.:   6.0-6.1  
Streak:   Orange and Yellow  
Cleavage:   Poor Prismatic  
Location:   Dundas, Tasmania, Australia  

Crocoite was found for the first time in 1740 in the Ural Mountains of Russia and was called "red lead ore." In 1797 the French chemist Vauguelin identified chromium in samples of crocoite, and established its chemical formula. The name crocoite is from the Greek Krokos (crocus) because of its saffron-yellow color. It is a product of weathered primary lead ores such as galena. Fine crystals are found at Beresovsk, Russia, and Dundas, Tasmania.

Bibliography: Svenek, Jaroslav, Minerals, 1987, pg. 152-153.

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