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Formula:   CoAsS   mineral photo

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Crystal:   Isometric  
Hardness:   5.5  
Spec. Gr.:   6.33  
Streak:   Grayish-black  
Cleavage:   Good Cubic  
Location:   Tunaberg, Sweden  

Occurs in cubes and pyritohedrons like pyrite but differs slightly in that its color is slightly silvery, but is easily determined from pyrite because of its grayish black streak. Many crystals are found in solid pyrite, making their removal without damage very difficult. Fine, large crystals are rare but have been found at Skutterud, Norway; Tunaberg, Sweden; and at Cobalt, Ontario, Canada. The Lovisin mine at Tunaberg was operating by 1420 and continued producing until it closed in the 1880's because of a massive cave-in. A fine collection of cobaltite crystals is displayed in Stockholm's Museum of Natural History.

Bibliography: Bancroft, Peter, Gem and Crystal Treasures, 1984, pg. 400-403.

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