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Formula:   Fe(PO4)•(2H2O)   mineral photo

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Crystal:   Orthorhombic  
Hardness:   3.5-4.5  
Spec. Gr.:   2.87  
Streak:   Usually not seen  
Cleavage:   Prismatic, (001) perfect  
Location:   Svappavaara,

Strengite, an extremely rare deep violet phosphate, is associated with other uncommon phosphate minerals such as: laubmannite, beraunite, kidwellite, crandallite, fluellite, and rockbridgeite. Strengite occurs as splendid crystals to seven mm, and spherical balls. Many of the best specimens are from the Leveaniemi Iron mine at Svappavaara, in far northern Sweden. The mine and dumps are now said to be exhausted.

Bibliography: Bjallerud, Carl-Gustav, Phosphate Minerals from the Leveaniemi Iron Mine, Svappavaara, Sweden.

Mineralogical Record, V20, No. 5, pg. 343-346.

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