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Formula:   Ag3SbS3   mineral photo

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Crystal:   Hexagonal  
Hardness:   2.5  
Spec. Gr.:   5.85  
Streak:   Purplish-red  
Cleavage:   Rhombohedral  
Location:   Freiberg, Germany

Pyrargyrite is historically known as "dark red silver ore." Its red changes to black when exposed to various forms of radiation, or excessive light. It forms in many-faceted perfect columnar crystals, which sometimes are striated. It fills cavities in ore veins. Exceptional crystals were found at Freiberg, Germany; Príbram, Czechoslovakia; Guanajuato, Mexico; and Chalanches, France.

Bibliography: Svenek, Jaroslav, Minerals, 1987, pg. 78-79.

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