This site provides you with a wealth of information on the minerals in the Bancroft mineral collection.

The information for each mineral is divided into four sections: Overview, Properties, and Locality—plus a Locality Photo Archive.


Your exploration of the collection starts with the overview section for the first mineral in the list (Alexandrite). The overview displays the main chemical and physical properties of the mineral , a small picture of the specimen, a narrative description of the mineral, bibliographic notes, and—when appropriate—some “lore” on cultural beliefs.

Clicking the buttons under the mineral name allows you to switch to the Properties or Locality section.

Clicking the small image opens up a new window with a larger image.

On the right is a scrolling list of all the minerals. Clicking a name in the list displays the overview for that mineral.


The Properties section displays a complete set of physical, chemical and geographical information on the specimen: mineral name and family, association, chemical formula, crystal shape, hardness, specific gravity, streak, cleavage, locality, name of the mine, use for the mineral, size, rarity, what other minerals are found in that mine, and any other info about the mine.


The locality section provides additional formation about the geographic origin of the specimen.

It displays maps with three levels of magnification. To zoom in or out, click the icons at the top left of the map

Clicking the "photos" icon at the top right of the map opens up the Locality Photo Archive in a new window.

Locality Photo Archive

The Locality photo archive displays photos relative to the origin of the specimen.

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